The document of terms, conditions and privacy Policy

This document is updated on January 12, 2024.
Please read carefully this document including conditions and terms of using Kallaxa services, because using any of our functions means express agreement with these terms and conditions and demands your engagement.

For more informations about terms of use and privacy Policy, please email us in: [email protected]

Conditions To Use Kallaxa:

By this document you agree with subsequent conditions:

  • Firstly: privacy Policy and conditions of use are able to be changed, and we are bound to inform you of the change date which appears in the top of this document.
  • Secondly: you accept the appearance of ads in all our services.
  • Thirdly: you confirm that you download our applications specific to Android from Google Play Store.
  • Fourthly: you confirm to us that you won't write inappropriate comments or comments exiting racism on all our sites, applications and our pages in social media sites.
  • Fifthly: you accept data collection (which may be private) from our services or the functions we use (for more detailed information look privacy Policy).

The Privacy Policy Of Kallaxa Services:

It is known that to get the best possible experience, you need to send some data which can be private such as your e-mail, the personal or the pseudo name, the birth date, the type of the used device, the IP address, the favourite color… These informations can help us to present the best service possible and appropriate to your use.

We didn't develop our functions in order to collect these informations! but to help us in developing it and improvement it… and that after your agreement about its collection and of your own volition.

Keep Information:

Your private data will be kept as long this is necessary to realize the objective for which it's collected or for commercial or legal reasons, or according to applicable laws.

Informations Collecting By Kallaxa:

  • Firstly: when you contact us, we keep your e-mail and your name if it is possible as well as the subject of the message.
  • Secondly: while you are using our applications we are collecting special informations:
    • Crashes you are facing, type of device, system version that you are using…
    • Statistics of visits and characteristics which you use or you don't use in our services.
    • Your location if it is possible.
  • Thirdly: the informations you send to us while you are registering an account in our functions.

Informations Collecting By The Functions We Use:

  • Firstly: The advertisements; we use the following Third party Ads:
  • Secondly: statistics; for example number of visitors, crashes, countries most using our services, timeout… we use following functions:
  • Thirdly: The video and live broadcast; we use the following services:

Cookies: (By continuing to browse Kallaxa you are agreeing to our use of cookies)

This website uses cookies to personalize ads and analyze traffic. Information about your use of the site is shared with Google and Facebook, who may combine it with other information you've provided to them or they've collected from your use of their services.
Look the link of Privacy Policy for Google Analytics : Privacy Policy for Google services
Look the link of Privacy Policy for Cloudflare Analytics : Privacy Policy for Cloudflare services

We recall that the informations which are collected by these services are only to improve the user's experience, and present the best perfect service possible, such as convenient and targeted ads, statistics about ways of how you use our applications, statistics about the crashes and bugs in our services... these informations are not dangerous for you at all.

For more informations about terms of use and privacy Policy, please email us in: [email protected]