Reuben Sandwich Recipe Guide (Print Version)


01 - 8 slices of rye bread.
02 - 1/2 cup of Thousand Island dressing.
03 - 8 slices of Swiss cheese.
04 - 8 slices of deli-sliced corned beef.
05 - 1 cup of drained sauerkraut.
06 - 2 tablespoons of butter, softened.


01 - Warm up your griddle or frying pan to a nice medium heat that's just beckoning for some action.
02 - Lavish those bread slices with a generous spread of the Thousand Island dressing. Don't skimp now!.
03 - Commence the great tower of flavor by stacking on one bread slice: a piece of Swiss cheese, followed by a couple slices of that savory corned beef, a hefty sprinkle of sauerkraut, and then crowned with another Swiss cheese slice. Take the second bread slice and cap it off, dressing-side kissing the cheese.
04 - Tenderly butter the top of the sandwich like you're massaging in sunblock on a scorching day.
05 - With the grace of an ice dancer, place your sandwiches on the griddle butter-side down. Give the other side a butter pat, and grill those babies until each side is a golden hue, about five minutes per flip. Keep an eye out, no one likes a charred sandwich.