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maybe you’ve been thinking about it maybe you’re on the fence or maybe you already have a blog but are looking to make it bigger and better I’m just more wonderful today’s episode is more of an introduction I’d be happy to take any blog blogger tip request in terms of questions you may have left them down below but I just want to take some time to share with you kind of why you should blog if you’re thinking about it what inspired me to blog and what makes a blog interesting or informative and things like that the individuality that goes into every single personal blog well to start off my model for my blogging life is doing what you love to do but do it better right simply

put um the world is such a big and wonderful place there are so many people with various hobbies know they love to do certain things are it cooking or sewing or maybe folding origami or maybe woodworking or maybe just writing prose and all sorts of things making puzzles maybe maybe you’re a puzzle master out there and the chances are that at some point when you were starting out and you were an absolute newbie at a certain thing you searched up online and someone provides other tutorial or maybe a demonstration or maybe a review on something that really helped you out right Kim in this day and age we live in a world where the exchange of information is so important the only does it build community but it allows us um to have a different sense of belonging so to speak you know whether you belong to some cooking group or you belong to like a paper folding group or maybe to a tip dyeing fabric sewing group whatever that it is there’s some spot for everyone out there

and I think that’s the beautiful thing about the Great Wide Web now it doesn’t have to be something that you are absolutely a perfectionist professional at it could be something that you feel like I’m pretty good at this you know maybe better than the people around you maybe your friends always ask you hey how do you do this and you’re always the one to show up with a good answer, the chances are you do something better than the people around you, there’s one thing you’re going to be good something I’m pretty sure and that could definitely be you know the starting point for a blog right a hobby that you have perhaps and you may ask why to share with others like I mentioned at some point you were a newb and someone else knew a little bit more than what you did and they helped you out and now maybe you’re pro right

I think um the world runs on a sort of give-and-take relationships and that makes everything balanced so for me starting a blog was much about not being able first off to find comprehensive concise detailed information on beauty products essentially when I was interested in them when I was just starting out they really lacked places that you can go and look at great detail pictures say swatches an especially ingredients list a lot of reviews I found did not take into consideration that peoples they have allergies or break out with certain products they didn’t list the ingredients list and therefore that was a big letdown you know when it came to reviews and also I found that there lacked a comprehensive sort of guide to Asian beauty products a lot of them are very popular that I would be interested in but there’s no English information on them so it was very limited information and because of that and my own needs so to speak I decided all right if I’m gonna try something and I’ve tried and I’ve tested out myself not having a penny held it already review and share with somebody else out there who may be looking at the same product and scratching their head and not knowing do I buy this so I’m not why this what is then here what I break how would it give me a rash you know maybe I’m allergic to something and that’s making their shopping experience a whole lot more pleasant than what I first started out so personally that was my inspiration to start a beauty blog and start reading reviews doing recommendations and things like that and of course it makes me happy right because I love trying out new products anyways now do what you love to do but do it better obviously what makes you stand out what makes you unique in the great wide web of blogging there are so many blogs you know the whole community is very saturated to be honest it is there are blocks left and right and up and down every direction um what makes you special is that your personality perhaps is it maybe your media editing you do great you know video editing and things like that you put together great media right maybe you are superb at photography and you make everything look super bright and beautiful and artistic that’s definitely a plus a special characteristic that you may have or maybe it’s your attention to detail I’ve generally been told that my attention to detail makes my reviews they’re enjoyable and they’re informative and just helps you guys out when you’re looking to a shop around for a new product and I mean there are people who have done really well for themselves in terms of their blogging online life because they had that special spark for example running off stop my head Tammy Talia is amazing for her swatches always consistent always detailed and it’s the place I go to when I need to look at a new collection um Evelina berry she does amazing editing for fashion videos long with her husband

I think they do great work together Carla sugar does great swatches as well I’ve always you know read her blog when I need to do cross comparisons between a product or looking for a tube or maybe my milk tooth if the guy so now that block it’s adorable it’s kind of a little storyboard photographic storyboards the story of two little lost teeth right that they make a life for themselves in the big white human world so there is something that you should have that makes you Sparkle stand out from all the other blocks out there and that would really get you far I think um I think this wraps up my little introduction to blogger tips I’m not going to get into any details particularly today I just wanna let you guys know that there is a space for you out there if you want to start your own blog if it has personal questions regarding a specific blogging topic that you want me to cover in the next blogger tips please leave it down as a comment.

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