Blogging Tips To Be A Successful Blogger

today I’m actually going to be talking about blogging.

let’s talk about three specific questions that beginner bloggers have. They were questions that I know I had when I first started blogging so I wanted to help you out today Where is everybody where are all these bloggers and where are they hiding the answer to this question is that they are actually everywhere. You’re like where is everywhere? they’re there they’re kind of in plain sight.

You just have to look a little bit harder to find that some of the places that you will find a lot of bloggers is in groups and forums so you can actually find different groups on facebook when you find them you’re going to request to join and whoever is the administrator or administrators of that group will then approve I’m in a lot of Christian women blogging groups and they’re amazing they’re awesome each group offers something different for you as a blogger you can also find a lot of other Christian bloggers on Instagram this is actually what I did when I first started out I didn’t really know where to go to find people so I actually just went on instagram and I searched and I searched Christian blogger and a bunch of people came up and have started to try to make connections that’s really the biggest thing I started putting myself out there and making friends when you find other Christian bloggers check out their subscriber freebie a subscriber freebie is whatever that blogger is offering you to subscribe to their blog are a lot of bloggers out there who are offering tips and tools and resources, my first blogging friend, I met on Instagram  she’s over at her blog milk and honey fait. I really made a connection with her motorcycle gang Her subscriber freebie is a list of different Christian bloggers different Christian blogging groups i just saw that and I was like I have to have it this is exactly what I mean thank you were huge was so helpful

A lot of people run into trouble with this in particular so when I got started blogging I actually looked this up I said you know where do i get photos to populate my blog and I actually found this one site that really broke it down i found it super helpful guys so I’ll link below for you so that you can check it out as well just basically explains copywriting how that works right to photos and which photos you can use and which photos you have to give credit to whoever the photographer was or whoever the photo belongs to

if the photographer has released the photos and it’s totally safe to use when it’s not safe to use photos all these things matter as content creators whether you’re a blogger vlogger youtuber a writer it’s so important for us to respect whoever that belongs to that’s a big deal think about everything that you’re putting on your website so now that I terrified you let’s talk about where you can find photos you can get what are called stock photos there’s a lot of different websites that you can get stock photos from going to list them all below and you guys can check them out for yourself one of the best things that you can do is to start taking time to go take some of your own original images and put them on your website show people who you are they want to see your creativity they want to see you on your page it also helps to set yourself apart as an individual

so when you start blogging you might get a lot of traffic because your friends and family see what you’re doing and you’re telling them go check out my blog and that’s awesome after a while you might notice in your analytics that you’re starting to get a decline in visitors on your blog and that’s frustrating you have to have to start promoting yourself no this is not easy for some people because you feel awkward you have to start seeing yourself in a new way that you are the product you’re spending all of this time writing and creating content and designing your website you want people to see it nobody’s reading it then we’re not helping anybody start utilizing all of these platforms you have to let people know what you’re doing whatever forums or group that you’re part of will have threads that you can be a part of this is how you make connections more you’re engaging with other people more that people will become familiar with you another really great thing to increase your traffic on your blog is to offer one of the subscriber freebies that I’ve been mentioning think about what it is that you can offer to somebody that is going to make them want to subscribe to your blog another really awesome Christian blogger has a really great subscriber freebie as well is Carmen over at married by His grace definitely I would recommend to check that out as well.

so those are my three common questions that a lot of beginner bloggers tend to want to be answered I hope you really found this to be a great resource and some of your questions got answered.

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